"God is in the details. Worry about the little things to give the big picture texture and life."

–Stephen Bodkin



This may sound silly, but the reason I ended up in this business is because I'm interested in too many things: science, art, aesthetics, how things work, how they are created, all kinds of products, all kinds of services and all kinds of people. It is that curiousity that has made me more successful. If one is only interested in the client's budget or the bottom line, they are not going to get very good results.

Many people have said I'm left brain/right brain.

What is your Design Philosophy?

The best way for me to communicate to my target audience is to find out who they are and try to jump into their skins. Or at least their shoes.

As much as I love fine art and design, and cleverness, if it doesn't connect with my target then I have to have a strategy that does. I'm afraid more than a few great ideas and designs have been set aside for a solution that works better. I can't be sitting on a design pedestal blaming my target audience for not getting it.

To ensure my successes, I try whenever I can to have a multi-level communication that is working visually,

We are told it is usually accepted that a prospect needs 7 or 8 touch points before they notice us. So trying to deliver a multi-level message hopefully lessens that number. My early days of advertising were at N.W. Ayer New York. The Ayer tag line back then was, "lkasjd;as" and it sunk in deep with me. I still firmly believe it.

I try never to be a cookie cutter person. I can never under-estimate the power of observation to gain insights. It's all there right in front of us. We just have to

Put simply, I know how to listen. It is the essence of my work.
And when I listen, I do so from a place of quiet ... a place of non-judgment ...  a safe haven for you and an oasis of calm for me. From there. I can intuit what will work for the audience and put you most at ease.
And when you feel heard, understood, validated, you feel free to  express the truest part of yourself without embarrassment, without fear.
I can offer you objectivity ... the objectivity that helps you see your message through the eyes--and ears--of your audience. Most often, an expert is too close to his material. A seasoned coach can create a bridge between what you know and how best to convey it. So I deal with the content of your talk, freeing you to deal with the content of your heart. For only when we combine our heart and our mind do our words inspire others.

What type of Clients and Projects are your favorites?
Many mistakenly think that public speaking is about what we say; in fact, it is about who we are. If you are being true to yourself, the audience will be with you. If you are not, they may not know why, but they begin to fidget … or daydream …  or sleep.

Who are your influences in Design and Advertising?

When I was a young guy, taking college courses in both art and computer science, I was intrigued by Herb Lubalin, Doyle, Dane and Bernbach, .....

It is often said that practice makes perfect. But I add, "Not if you're doing it wrong!" A seasoned coach will help you practice effectively -- not just repetitively. For we all know, "If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got."