"You bring the inspiration...
I help you put it into stories."


Do Keynote Speakers really need coaching?

... Absolutely! There is too much riding on a keynote speech to leave anything to chance. Often, a keynote speaker is an author, a playwright, an entrepreneur, an industry leader. Not always are they seasoned speakers, comfortable in front of a large group. But even a seasoned speaker must keep a talk fresh and personal ... must realize when he is rambling ... or when she is burdening the listener with too much detail.


Ideation and Naming Projects
Some of the companies we have named:



A global computer network service organization.

A retail computer and office supply company.

Say Cheese Shops
A retail chain of cheese shops.

Success NTS
Nicotine Transdermal System for SANO Corporation (Elan Pharmaceuticals).

The HMO sales division of Par Pharmaceuticals.

Pig Tales
A children’s publishing company.

Bright & Gentle™
A three-step tooth whitening system for home use.

The Twinings Tea Bear Collection
Collectable series of teddy bears for Twinings Teas of London.

The voicemail inquiry system for RSVP, an advertising industry creative directory.

Dapper Dog
Grooming Kit for dogs.

Winter Wonders
A face and hand moisturizer set for winter skin protection, produced as a promotion for Isotoner.


"Coaching will change your dread to delight when facing an audience."


How do I begin to work with Saskia?

Coaching is available by phone and in person. The first 20-minutes are free to determine your needs and see if I can help. Please see hourly fees below on the drop-down menu. Corporate seminars are available upon request. Please email me for details by clicking on the button to the right.


Is this service for keynote speakers exclusively?

... Not at all. Keynote coaching is for Key People. As long as you must persuade, motivate, inspire, or entertain, you can benefit from keynote coaching.


It will help erase the deep fear that many feel at the thought of speaking in public. For when you are comfortable within yourself, your audience is comforted by your presence.


How does the process work? My philosophy is simple: A good coach is a catalyst. My job is to make something happen, but not to set the agenda. That YOU must do. I simply help you get from here to there ... and make sure you enjoy the ride!


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